Hank Williams Sings Duet With June Carter’s Sister, Anita Carter, In 1952

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Hank Footage Remains Hidden Treasure

In just 15 short years, Hank Williams managed to establish an everlasting legacy. His songs are all considered classics, and have influenced multiple generations of country artists that have followed in his footsteps.

While Williams’ music is still easily found today, the same is not true when it comes to video footage.

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It’s a rare thing to come across a video of Williams performing any of his songs, especially his 1951 single “I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love).”

A True Sight To See

Williams recorded “I Can’t Help It” on March 16, 1951 in the Castle Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. He recorded a handful of other songs during the same session, including his iconic hit, “Hey Good Lookin’.” Williams wrote the tune himself, and all of his hard work paid off when it climbed to the second spot on the Billboard country chart.

On April 23, 1952, Williams performed the song on the Kate Smith Evening Hour along with Anita Carter, the youngest daughter of Ezra and Maybelle Carter and sister to June Carter Cash.

All About Anita

Carter was actually the first artist to record “Ring of Fire,” which was later made famous by her future brother-in-law, Johnny Cash.

But long before that, Carter was on the set of the Kate Smith Evening Hour singing along with Williams. Footage from the show was preserved, and eventually shared online for the world to see. Now, we have that clip here to share with you.

The rarity of this clip can’t be ignored. It’s one of few film clips that remain of Williams, making it a true treasure for any country music fan.

You’ll Be Left In Awe

Carter starts off sweetly singing on her own, while Williams plays guitar off-camera. He finally walks into the frame about half of the way through the video, and takes over singing for Carter.

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Then, the two blend their voices in sweet harmony as they finish out the rest of the song together. Now this is how you do a duet folks!

Williams and Carter play up the romance of of the tune by staring into each other’s eyes the entire time. The way they look at each other is sure to make you swoon.

Now if that doesn’t warm up your cold, cold heart, we don’t know what will!