Help Find 4-Year-Old Girl’s Teddy Bear With Recording Of Late Mom’s Heartbeat

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A heart-wrenching story has emerged from Tennessee, where a father desperately seeks help to find his daughter’s treasured teddy bear.

Tylor Kennedy’s 4-year-old daughter’s teddy bear, which contains a recording of her late mother’s heartbeat, was accidentally donated to a local Goodwill store.

Kennedy shared that his daughter’s grandma had made the teddy bear for her granddaughter after her daughter’s death.

The bear’s hand contained a sound device that could play the recorded heartbeat of her mother when squeezed, providing comfort to the little girl.

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The bear, a tie-dyed rainbow teddy bear from Build-a-Bear, is now the only tangible memory she has of her mother.

The Goodwill store is in Tazewell, about 45 miles north of Knoxville. Kennedy believes that a local resident purchased the bear and might still be in the area.

In an appeal for help, Kennedy requested anyone who has come across the bear to turn it in, promising a reward for its return. A sign has been placed in the Goodwill store, asking for the return of the teddy bear.

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As the search for the teddy bear continues, Kennedy remains hopeful that someone will come forward with information about its whereabouts.

“Please, if y’all find it or see anybody that has one, just check or turn it in, and I believe that somebody will get a reward if they dropped it off. I mean I know they’ll get their money back for sure,” Kennedy pleaded in a note that he wrote.

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He is deeply concerned that his daughter will never be able to hear her mother’s heartbeat again if the bear is not found.

The kindness and compassion of strangers will play a significant role in reuniting the little girl with her beloved teddy bear, and Kennedy is grateful to everyone who has helped in the search for it.

He hopes that the person who turns it in will be rewarded, not just monetarily, but with the satisfaction of doing the right thing. The little girl’s happiness and comfort are at stake, and every effort must be made to find the precious teddy bear.

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