Hiker Films Mountain Lion Stalking Him For 6 Minutes

kunkyle / instagram

A very scary and intense video hit the internet on October 11th, 2020, when Kyle Burgess from Utah filmed a mountain lion stalking him for over six minutes as he was hiking.

kunkyle / instagram

Kyle was hiking the Slate Canyon Trail near Provo during the day when he walked upon two mountain lion cubs standing in the middle of the hiking trail. Amazed, he pulled out his phone to record the beautiful creatures, however, his excitement only lasted a few seconds and quickly turned into fear.

From down the path comes the momma of the cubs and she is quickly walking towards them with strength and conviction. One of the baby mountain lions dash off the path and into the woods while the other baby turns around, sees the mom, and then decides to take off running towards Kyle.

kunkyle / instagram

As a protective mother mountain lion would naturally do, she takes off running after them both to protect her baby. Kyle panics and he takes off running back the way he came while yelling some strong language at the cats.

The second baby finally stops chasing Kyle and runs off into the woods as its sibling did. The mom does the same thing, however, she is not done with Kyle yet.

She stalks him from off the trail as he continues to walk back, recording with his phone the whole time. This goes on for a few seconds but then she gets the confidence to get back on the trail and stalks him up close and out in the open.

kunkyle / instagram

She aggressively charges at him multiple times, throwing her claws up in the air towards Kyle. The cat looked like she may have been a young mother, however, she was definitely frightening enough to make Kyle think he was going to die.

Kyle said in the video to the mountain lion, “Dude, you’re scary. You’re a scary kitty cat. No, go away! Nope. Nope! Gosh, where’s my gun? Ok, this is when I die. Come on dude, I don’t feel like dying today.”

For six intense and scary minutes, she stalked Kyle as he screamed, yelled, and walked backwards down the trail. Eventually, after trying everything he could think of and nothing worked, he decided to pick up a rock or something off the ground to throw towards the cat.

kunkyle / instagram

Fortunately, that worked!

The mountain lion jumped in the air, scared, and took off running back down the path. It’s possible she may have never seen a human before or never had anything thrown at her like that, so she freaked out and retreated.

At this point, Kyle turned the camera around and pointed it at himself and said, “Yeah, that just happened.” Then he held up his trembling hand to show the camera.

“Yup, not going back that way,” he said, talking about the direction the mountain lion ran.

Fortunately, Kyle made it out the woods alive and shared the video to his Instagram account. You can watch the full video below!