Horse Worth $15K Spotted In Bed Of Truck On Highway In Texas

Amy Parbs / Facebook

Only in Texas!

A woman named Ami Parbs and her daughter were driving to a gymnastics meet when they saw something a little out of the ordinary.

While what they witnessed did not make it in this video called “Top Ten Weird Things You See When Driving,” that’s only because it was made two years ago. If the creators decide to do a 2019 version, this would definitely be included!

The mother-daughter duo was driving down US-59 in Texas, just outside of Houston, when they spotted a man driving a pickup truck. That’s pretty normal in Texas, but what was in the bed of his pickup was what caught their attention.

They saw a huge saddled horse standing in the pack of a pickup truck that was driving down the highway, at what ABC affiliate KTRK says was 70 mph.

Amy Parbs / Facebook

Since Parbs was driving, she had her daughter record them driving past the truck with the horse.

Pixie Tristi Wukasch saw the man talking with a police officer and shared the photo on Facebook. While she wrote that “he was caught,” other news reports state that he pulled into a Whataburger when a police officer approached him. He did not get a citation because he didn’t break any laws in the way he was transporting the horse.

Police told KTRK that “the driver was on his way to work at the Stockyards. His truck that normally pulls the trailer wasn’t starting so he loaded the horse into the back of another truck.

KTRK also reports that the horse is worth $15,000, is very well trained, and made it to the Stockyards safely.

See Parbs’ original video below.