Fans Think Carrie Underwood Looks Different In New Photo – Do Y’all Notice Anything?

(Left) Terry Wyatt / Stringer / Getty Images /(Right) Mike Fisher / Instagram

Carrie’s First Hair Change Came After Baby

After Carrie Underwood had her son, Isaiah, in 2015, she debuted a major change in her appearance. The powerhouse singer was known for her long, blond locks, but after Isaiah arrived she chopped her hair into a shorter, bob-like style.

During an interview with Elle in March 2016, Carrie revealed that her choice to cut her hair was a total “mom move.” She said she decided to go for a shorter style so she wouldn’t have to spend so long doing her hair and could spend more time with Isaiah.

I could spend half an hour to blow it dry and have it be super long, or I could spend that time playing with my son, and I’d much rather do the latter,” she said.

Carrie maintained her shorter style for a while, with her longer hair not making a reappearance until she shot the Sunday Night Football opener in the summer of 2017. Even then, you could tell her suddenly longer style was the result of extensions, which she started wearing off and on until her own hair grew to a longer length.

Did She Go For The Bob After Baby #2?

Since then, Carrie has slowly eased back into maintaining her long hair. So after she welcomed her second son Jacob in January, fans couldn’t help but wonder if she’d pull another “mom move” and cut her hair into a bob again.

So far she has not, but only time will tell if she will! After all, she is about to embark on tour in May, and having a shorter “do” to style will help her save time when she gets ready for her shows.

She sported her now-famous bob style throughout the entirety of her last tour, the Storyteller Tour, which ended in November 2016 after 92 shows. Her music video for one of her singles at the time, “Church Bells,” was comprised of footage from the tour.

Even though Carrie isn’t rocking the “mom bob” now that Jacob is here, she may have made another change to her hair that isn’t as obvious at first glance.

Fans Spot A Difference

The superstar singer recently celebrated her 36th birthday, and her husband, Mike Fisher, shared a new photo of the two of them to mark the occasion. When some eagle-eyed fans looked at the photo, they noticed that something about Carrie’s hair seemed different.

Take a look at the photo below and see for yourself.

Do you notice anything?

The fans who spotted a change in Carrie’s appearance were pretty certain that her hair looks darker than it had before. Her hair is usually a vibrant, bright blond, but in this photo it appears to be a darker, more toned-down hue.

Some noted that it could just be the lighting that is making Carrie’s hair appear darker, but others were postive that it was an actual change she made. What do y’all think? We can definitely see a difference!

No matter what she does with her hair, Carrie always looks lovely. See her beauty shine in her music video for her latest single, “Love Wins,” below. She was still pregnant with Jacob at the time!