How Scotty McCreery Swooped In And Saved The Day At The CMAs

Scotty McCreery Instagram

Scotty McCreery has never been nominated for a CMA Award before, but that hasn’t kept him from showing up to the ceremony. Despite receiving no nominations yet again this year, McCreery was on hand for the historic 50th CMAs on Wednesday night (November 2)

One artist was glad that McCreery decided to show up, and let all 301,000 of his Twitter followers know about it. That artist was “Redneck Crazy” singer Tyler Farr, who was beyond thrilled to have McCreery at the CMAs.

At some point during the night, Farr seemed to misplace his phone and had no idea where it was. But luckily for Farr, McCreery somehow stumbled across his phone and ended up saving the day.

McCreery sent out a tweet directed at Farr, telling him he’d return his phone under two conditions.

Apparently Farr gave in to McCreery’s requests, because he later tweeted that his phone had been returned. He also shared a photo of McCreery, saying that he was the big winner of the night for relocating his phone.

Wonder where McCreery is going to display that new trophy of his?

We feel like he’ll have some real CMA Awards in his future, especially if he gets to release his song “Five More Minutes.” Tune in below to watch the viral video of his emotional performance of the tune at the Grand Ole Opry.