Willie Nelson Opens Up About Life’s Most Ridiculous Questions Over Whiskey


At age 83, Willie Nelson has no doubt lived a full life. With over eight decades worth of memories, the man has collected more than his share of wisdom. Apart of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s series, “Ridiculous Questions,” the country music legend discussed life’s most ridiculous questions over a few glasses of Crown Royal whiskey.

The two discussed everything from past loves, emoji usage, and whether or not “Kenneth” is an appropriate name to bestow upon a baby. Needless to say, they quickly became the coolest duo you’ll be dying to hang out with.

In the first video of the three part video series, Kimmel inquires “What would you really say to all the girls you loved before?” A blushing Nelson laughs it off before answering, “Thank you very much.”

The two philosophers take an intermission between discussing life’s big unresolved questions to exchange a few original jokes. Nelson asks Kimmel if he has ever heard the story about the “skeleton who went into a bar and ordered a beer and a mop?” The talkshow host says no please tell me, to which the country singer responds confused, “That’s it…It don’t get any funnier than that.”

The pair got philosophical in the third video discussing the problematic issue of which animal they would prefer to be murdered by. After giving the matter some thought, Nelson decides if forced to choose he would like to be killed by a rabbit because he “could last longer.”

Hysterical! What do you think about their discussion? Let us know in the comments!