‘Idol’ Star Laci Kaye Booth Turns Disney Duet Into Solo Performance

American Idol / YouTube

Favorite Idol Embraces Her Inner Princess

On Easter Sunday, the Top 10 American Idol contestants hit the stage to sing for a spot in the Top 8. The hopeful artists were given an extra challenge, as they each had to perform a Disney song as part of “Disney Night.”

Prior to the show, Idol announced which beloved Disney tunes each contestant would be singing. Fans of the young country singer Laci Kaye Booth were intrigued when it was revealed she would be tasked with singing a song that was originally performed as a duet.


Titled “I See the Light,” Booth’s song comes from the 2010 film Tangled. In the movie, the song is performed by the princess Rapunzel and her love interest, Flynn Rider, as they watch floating lanterns glide through the sky.

Even though “I See the Light” is a newer Disney song, it is already considered one of the all-time best. So there was a lot of pressure on Booth to pull it off.

She didn’t cave under that pressure though. Instead, she thrived in her performance, as she transformed the gorgeous duet into a spectacular solo.

Laci Earns High Praise From Judges & Viewers

Since Booth has a soft, gravelly voice, the song’s tender tone served as the ideal springboard for her to showcase her natural sound. Judge Lionel Richie agreed, as he told the young singer that her performance was “perfect.”

Enjoy where you are right now, because you’re on a roll my dear,” he said.

American Idol / Instagram

A number of viewers echoed Richie’s praise. Many took to Twitter to gush about Booth’s performance, expressing amazement over her extraordinary talent.

One viewer wrote that her performance was “quite beautiful,” with another saying that the performance convinced them that Booth may be “an actual Disney princess.”


Now it’s time for you to see what all of the fuss is about by watching Booth’s outstanding performance of “I See the Light” in the video below. With a voice like that, there’s no doubt this girl is going places!