In 3 Words, Johnny Van Zant Sums Up How It Feels To Sing With Skynyrd, “We’re Very Blessed”

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A Band “Three Generations Bold”

Few bands today are able to say they appeal to multiple generations, but Lynyrd Skynyrd can. The group’s original fan base still carries a passion for Skynyrd’s music in their hearts. It’s a passion they have passed on to their children, and their children have since shared it with their own children.

Because of this, Skynyrd’s current lead singer, Johnny Van Zant, says the band likes to describe their fan base as being “three generations bold.”

With millions of fans around the world, the band doesn’t just view them as fans, but as a “Skynyrd Nation.”

How Johnny Feels After Rockin’ For So Long

During an interview with country radio station 99.5 WKDQ in 2013, Johnny used just three words to sum up how it feels to sing with Skynyrd, even after all of these years.

We’re very blessed,” he said.

So why is it that Johnny feels that way about performing with Skynyrd? As he explained, it all has to do with the band’s devoted fans.

Any time on stage you can look out and go, ‘Hey, you know what, there’s three different generations out there’…It’s a pretty amazing thing.

Why Their Legacy Has Lasted So Long

Johnny feels the reason Skynyrd’s music has such great appeal is because the band members are all “normal” people like their fans. Because of that, their music also reflects issues and experiences that their fans can connect with:

We’re not some starry band that thinks we’re better than our fans. We go home, take out our garbage, take our kids to school, cut our grass and do normal things, and I think that’s the connection….I think Skynyrd’s music, it relates to common people, and hard working people, and good people, and that’s what’s kept this music around all these years.”

Skynyrd may be three generations bold at the moment, but we have no doubt that they’ll be able to maintain a strong fan base many more generations from now. They’ve proven they have that staying power. 

If you want to hear Johnny talk more about Skynyrd Nation and how it has grown over the years, you can listen to his interview here. After that, enjoy watching the band perform one of their best songs in the clip below.

Tell us: which generation of Skynyrd fans do you belong in?