Is Luke Bryan Leaving “American Idol” Soon?

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American Idol Renewed For A New Season – Are Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, & Lionel Richie Returning?

The latest season of American Idol just ended in May. But it’s already been confirmed that the show has been renewed for another season. If Idol follows its typical pattern, we can expect to see the new season’s debut sometime in early 2024.


Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan have not confirmed if they are returning for the next season. The three judges have been with Idol since it was rebooted on ABC in 2018.

During the Season 21 finale, Richie told ET he’d be “running through the door, first thing” if Idol asks him to come back. Perry and Bryan told the outlet they were still in talks about their own potential returns.

Luke Bryan Goes In More Detail About His Potential Return To American Idol For The Next Season & Beyond. Will He Be Back?

Then on June 11, Bryan spoke more about his future on Idol during a chat with Taste of Country and other outlets at CMA Fest. Is he planning to leave the show anytime soon, or is he staying?

He didn’t answer those questions outright. But he did make it sound like he intends to come back!

My future with Idol [will continue] as long as the show is growing and popping, and we feel like we’re doing beautiful work as a show,” he said.


He also offered some insight into Richie and Perry’s mindsets:

“As long as the vibe feels like we’re moving onward and upward — and we’re getting emotionally moved, we’re telling the stories of kids and the American spirit, and it’s a show that kids [and] parents can cry and laugh together and have fun [watching] — it’s gonna be a tough show for me and Lionel and Katy to walk away from.”

Viewers have enjoyed watching Bryan on Idol, and many hope he returns for the next season. Until we hear confirmation about his return, enjoy the video below of him singing Conway Twitty‘s “Slow Hand” with Colin Stough during this year’s Idol finale.