Is Reba McEntire Planning A Trio With Trisha Yearwood & Kelly Clarkson? – She Answers That Question

Justin McIntosh / Contributor / Getty Images

Over time, Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood, and Kelly Clarkson have offered up their voices to each other’s tracks. In doing so, they have created some of the most stunning collaborations in recent country music history.

The three share friendships that stretch back for years. In McEntire and Clarkson’s case, they’re not only friends, but family. Clarkson married Brandon Blackstock, the son of McEntire’s ex-husband Narvel Blackstock. That means that McEntire is her mama-in-law!

Most recently, McEntire, Yearwood, and Clarkson teamed up to sing a track on McEntire’s first gospel record, Sing it Now: Songs of Faith and Hope. The three sang a beautiful rendition of “Softly and Tenderly,” which is a standout track on the record.

In a recent interview with Cowboys & Indians magazine, McEntire spoke about Sing it Now, and specifically about “Softly and Tenderly.” Complimenting the collaboration, the interviewer said “It brings goosebumps” to hear their three voices together.

Then, the interviewer asked the question everyone who loves McEntire, Yearwood, and Clarkson has wondered.Have y’all talked about doing more as a trio?

McEntire had a clear answer to give to that, and it may give you some hope that a future trio could be a possibility. “Every time we get together, we’re saying ‘OK, we got to find the time for the new Trio.'”

The “Trio” McEntire is referring to is the group formed between Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt, whose first album as a group won two Grammy Awards.

McEntire fondly remembers the Trio recordings, and feels that such a setup could work for her, Yearwood, and Clarkson. She explained why she thinks it could work:

Our voices just blend together. Kelly’s really high, I’m in the medium, and Trisha’s got that low, round beautiful voice.

However, since their schedules are so busy, the three just haven’t been able to find the time to commit to a full project. But they haven’t dismissed the possibility of working together in the future, which is exciting to hear!

While you wait for that moment, enjoy one of their past collaborations below. We really hope the trio thing works out!