Jana Kramer Reveals Emergency Replacement

YouTube/Dancing With The Stars

Just days after her partner suffered a knee injury and was unable to work with her, the country star opened up about his injury to fans and posted several updates about his replacement.

Prepping for not only a solo dance on Monday (Nov. 7th), Jana Kramer also revealed that she will be performing a team dance alongside Laurie Hernandez – whom she lovingly calls her “lil sis”.

But many fans are wondering what will come of her partner, Gleb Savchenko, and his knee injury. Will he be dancing alongside her?

According to a smattering of social media posts across Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, Kramer all but blurted out that pro dancer Alan Bersten will be stepping in for Savchenko because his injury is quite serious.

Credit: Snapchat/Jana Kramer
Credit: Snapchat/Jana Kramer

In addition to revealing “the new Gleb” on her Snapchat, Kramer also expressed her deep concerns for Savchenko’s condition.

“I don’t know if Gleb’s going to be OK, but it’s not looking good…” She said.

Since his injury, all of Kramer’s dances have been rehearsed with Bersten in line to take over with the intention of Bersten to take over for Savchenko based on doctor’s orders.

A rep for Dancing With The Stars spoke with US Weekly about the injury and stated that “Doctors have advised Gleb to rest his knee” reiterating that he is sidelined while Kramer rehearses.

Watch the video below of their “Little Shop of Horrors” dance from last week.