Jason Aldean’s Wife Brittany Opens Up About Intense Struggle To Get Pregnant

brittanyaldean / Instagram

Jason Aldean and his beautiful wife Brittany welcomed their child together early last month (Dec. 1) with the birth of newborn son, Memphis Aldean Williams.

In a post to Instagram, Brittany shared a video of the hours leading up to the birth of their son, the new mother also going on to provide a link to a podcast she appeared on.”Y’all go check out the BABES and BABIES podcast (link in bio) for all the unfiltered details of labor, mommyhood, road life and everything in between! I had a blast talking with these girls!!!” she captioned the intimate video.


In the podcast, Brittany shares that the Invetro (IVF) process was more difficult than her pregnancy. After 18 gruelling months and multiple attempts to conceive, they learned she had endometriosis.

“Memphis was our last (egg),” she shared with Babes and Babies. “So it was like, if this doesn’t work — I was considering a surrogate. We were thinking about all the options.”

Memphis was born Dec. 1, weighing in at 9 lbs. and 5 oz., Brittany regarding the day as “hands down the happiest day” of her life on a post to Instagram. While Memphis is the country singer’s first son, Jason has two daughters – Keeley (14) and Kendyl (10) – from a previous marriage.

You can check out the heart-melting new photo below.