Jelly Roll Reveals His Quirky Habit About Wearing Socks

Sabrina Sergio / Instagram

Jelly Roll recently shared a surprising revelation about his personal habits, particularly his unusual way of wearing socks.

Ahead of the ACM Awards last week, where he unveiled a brand new song, Jelly Roll sat down for an interview with Audacy’s Sabrina from Queens. During the interview, the “Save Me” singer made a surprising confession about his unconventional approach to wearing socks – he only wears each pair one time.

Jelly humorously disclosed, “Can I tell you a frivolous habit I have? Don’t judge me for this, y’all. I promise I grew up very humble, but I only wear socks once.”

He went on to explain that he buys his socks in bulk to avoid re-wearing them, deeming it as the most “frivolous thing” he has done with his success. His reasoning behind this habit was tied to his weight.

“When you’re fat, you can’t have stinky feet, too, so you gotta have fresh socks!”

This candid revelation offered fans a glimpse into his unique approach to everyday comfort and hygiene, showcasing a lesser-known aspect of his life.


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Additionally, Jelly Roll has been very open about his weight loss journey on social media, sharing his impressive weight goals and recent achievements.

He recently completed his first-ever 5K race and has shed an impressive “70-something” pounds since embarking on his weight loss journey. His dedication to running 2-3 miles each day, adopting a healthier diet, and regular sauna sessions highlight his unwavering commitment to improving his physical fitness.

His wife, Bunnie XO, who also participated in the 5K, shared a video on social media to document their post-race celebration, featuring Jelly Roll taking an ice bath.


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Despite his already impressive achievements, Jelly Roll remains focused on furthering his weight loss goals, aiming to shed “another 100, 100-and-something” pounds. Shortly after crushing the 5K, Jelly revealed that it inspired him to take on his next ambitious fitness goal.

Given his dedication to physical well-being, does it truly matter that he wears his socks only once? He is a hygiene king through and through!