Joanna Gaines Catches Baby Boy Trying To Be CEO During Work Meeting

Instagram / Joanna Gaines

Baby Gaines is back at it again! This time – he’s taking over the reins for his family business.

The Perfect Addition

Since his birth, baby Crew has been bringing lots of personality and laughter to the Gaines family. From getting caught playing blackjack with his siblings to making snow angels in the yard – this little guy is a busy boy. But it’s his latest task that has Joanna proud as ever.

Baby Crew Goes CEO

Joanna took to her Instagram to post a series of videos of Crew stepping in as CEO! While sitting in on a Magnolia meeting, her 7-month-old stole the mic. In the first video, Joanna catches Crew clapping along with the ideas being spewed out. She captioned the video, “Yes! I love that idea. – Crew, CEO.”

Instagram / Joanna Gaines

Panning around the room again, she starts to realize that Mr. CEO is getting a little antsy. As he looks gazing all over, she captioned, “Ok let’s wrap this meeting up, I’ve got places to be.”

Instagram / Joanna Gaines

His sweet reactions made the videos match the captions even more.

The last video, Crew loses all interest in his fellow colleagues. Joanna hilarious captions the video, “Bla bla bla… this meeting is killing me. – Crew”

Instagram / Joanna Gaines

Although baby Gaines might be a little too young to start his own business, it’s obvious he’ll be ready to follow in his parents’ footsteps in no time!

Watch the adorable clips below!