Josh Turner Bleeds Rebellion In Johnny Cash’s Classic “Folsom Prison Blues” (Left)/(Right) Jeff Doelp

Country music crooner Josh Turner has been snagging hearts and charting songs with his impeccably good looks and velvety baritone since his Opry debut in 2001. Showcasing his soon-to-be mega hit “Long Black Train”, viewers hopped aboard the Turner railroad and rode straight into the big leagues filled with phenomenal hits and a heavy list of accomplishments and recognition.  

Although the performer has matured before our eyes, both in appearance and vocal capabilities, fans often refer back to his up and coming performances in which a fresh-faced Turner graced viewers with riveting performances at the Grand Ole Opry. Formerly televised by Great American Country (GAC), Turner was a vision of strapping country as he effortlessly strums his guitar and gives an incredibly upbeat performance to Johnny Cash‘s penitentiary tune “Folsom Prison Blues”. The audience was no shortage of on-cue claps and cheers, humbly grinning as they showcased their enjoyment and encouragement.

Turner’s voice reaches a new definition of “low” as he croons, “But I shot a man in Reno/ Just to watch him die/ When I hear that whistle blowin’/ I hang my head and cry.” 

“Folsom Prison Blues” was first recorded in 1955, serving as an inspiration from Cash’s time in the Air Force, as well as witnessing a film titled “Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison”. He ultimately chose to record the song live, inside Folsom Prison itself, essentially putting on a performance for the inmates inhabiting the facility. Although Cash was allotted multiple days to record should an error persist within the first attempt, the “Ring Of Fire” singer successfully recorded his song past expectations during his first appearance.

It was that very live performance that skyrocketed to the no. 1 on the music charts in 1968, becoming one of the legend’s signature songs.

While Turner’s rendition was a genuine show of remarkable talent and riveting energy, the singer has continued to channel the country music outlaw by flawlessly performing his former hits. Turner has added “Ring Of Fire” to his Cash repetoire, previously giving fans a live, illuminating performance alongside fellow singers to properly gift the legend with a much deserved tribute.

While we can’t help but wish we could hear Cash perform Turner’s powerful redemption song “Long Black Train”, we feel incredibly grateful that Turner was given a vocal gift that serves a true justice to the country legend’s legacy.

Be sure to check out the flawless performance below!