Josh Turner’s 98-Year-Old Grandma Performs “How Great Thou Art” At Grand Ole Opry

Grand Ole Opry / Facebook

Taking the stage in the middle of a country singer’s performance, this chipper gal brought tears to everyone’s eyes with her incredible talent.

During Josh Turner’s very own appearance on the Grand Ole Opry, he took a moment to honor someone very special, near, and dear to him.

On February 10th, 2016 Turner was playing to a sold-out crowd that included the likes of his family and his wife’s family who had all come to watch his performance.

Alongside his wife, Jennifer, was her 98-year-old grandmother, Lois – who had always dreamed of performing at a venue like the Grand Ole Opry. But what would happen next would bring everyone to tears!

After performing himself and getting the crowd warmed up, Turner then began to speak to the audience and introduced Lois to the massive room of people. As she began to take a seat at the piano, Turner announced she was going to be making her Opry debut that evening as well!

Not long after Turner welcomed Lois Cunningham to the stage, she began playing. But she wasn’t just playing any song that had been left at the piano, no. She began playing the age-old hymn, “How Great Thou Art,” and from memory!

As Lois tickled the ivories with skill and grace, the audience applauded her talents and surged with energy. In fact, they loved her performance so much that they gave her an incredible standing ovation when she was finished!

Watch this amazing video below!