Kane Brown’s Music Video For ‘Good As You’ Is A Dedication To His Mom & Grandma

Kane Brown / YouTube

When Kane Brown revealed on Instagram that he was shooting a music video for his song “Good As You,” fans thought he had already released it.

In the caption of a photo of him and a young actor playing a young Kane, he revealed that the video would star This Is Us actor Lonnie Chavis, and really showed what his childhood was like.

I thought the video was already released?” fans commented.

They are referring to the footage Brown released of his romantic wedding to his wife Katelyn. They were married on October 12, 2018 and the video was released shortly after.

The song is the perfect soundtrack for the footage, especially the chorus:

“I just wanna wake up everyday here in this bed
Never leave ‘I love you’ left unsaid
It might take a hundred lifetimes to do
But baby, I just wanna be good as you”

The new music video reveals that yes, “Good As You” is a love song, but it’s actually about Brown’s mom and grandmother, who raised him.

The video shows a young Kane laying in his bed, with his mom coming home from work in the middle of the night. As he peeks out from his room, he sees her and his grandma worrying about bills.

The next day, his mom makes him lunch and sends him off on the school bus, where he gets bullied. At the end of the school day, the bullies follow him on his walk home and push him to the ground. His grandma, a sheriff, breaks up the fight and drives him home, where Kane and his sister make dinner for their mom, and decorate the living room, for when she comes home from a shift.

Making this music video and dedicating it to his mom and grandma, whom he calls “Nana,” was very important to Brown.

“I was raised with strong women around me. My Mom worked multiple jobs and my Nana truly was a sheriff in my town,” he told CMT. “To be able to honor them is incredible because no matter how much we struggled, my Mom and Nana never let me see it. They sheltered me from any problems and I appreciate them for that.”

He explains his video inspiration below.

We bet his mom and his nana are loving this video. We know we are. Watch it below!