Kay Robertson Shares Photos Of Injuries After Dog Attack

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Warning: graphic content

On the Wednesday, June 23rd episode of his Unashamed podcast, Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson revealed he had to rush his wife, Kay, to the hospital in the middle of the night.

Robertson shared details of the moment his wife woke him saying that she needed to go to the doctor.

“I was lying there. I felt this shake and look up. [Miss Kay’s] standing there right beside the bed, and in her left hand is a cloth on her mouth,” Phil recalled. “She said, ‘You might have to carry me to the doctor.’”

Phil asked Miss Kay to move the rag from her face so he could assess her injury.

“I’m looking at her top lip was split in two, about a quarter of an inch. That’s a big cut…it’s on the top left,” Phil said. “Her bottom lip, over on the right side, there was just a chunk gone. So, bleeding profusely is an understatement.”

Miss Kay told Phil that she was going to kiss her dog Bobo goodnight, but startled him.

“I thought he was awake and just relaxing. I went over and bent down to wish him a good sleep,” Kay told Phil. “When I woke him up he just come at me.”

Phil and his daughter Phyllis carried Miss Kay to a local hospital where “they stitched it all up and pulled it together.” But, the injury will likely leave Miss Kay with significant scars, according to Phil.

On the Thursday, June 24th podcast episode of The Duck Call Room, which features Uncle Si, Martin, John David (Willie Robertson’s assistant), and another employee named Dan, Miss Kay called in the middle of the episode, so they called her back to get an update from her about her recovery after the dog attack.

On the phone, she said she is a “not improved, but different lookin’ Miss Kay,” which got a chuckle from the guys. Although she is “banged up,” she does see a silver-lining in all of this.

I’m sure God has a plan with this. I’m gonna help somebody just ’cause I went through this, that’s what I’m hoping for,” she said.

Miss Kay continued, “[Doctor] said in a week I won’t be sore, but right now I’m in pain. You know what? I learned that you can live in pain. Maybe that’s part of my learning lesson. I can comfort other people that had something happen like this.”

Now, Miss Kay has shared several photos of her injury with TMZ. Let us just warn you, they are not for the faint of heart. So if you get queasy easily, we suggest you stop scrolling now.

In the photos, you can clearly see a chunk from her bottom lip missing, along with her many stitches. She revealed that it will take about a month for her face to heal, then she will need plastic surgery to fix her lip.

See all the photos by clicking on the link below.