Keith Urban Replaces Carrie Underwood With Spice Girl For ‘Fighter’ Performance

Daniel Cabrera Youtube

Country music star Keith Urban gave an epic twist to his hit duet “Fighter” when he invited one dazzling beauty on stage to replace the presence of another!

Originally performed with country bombshell Carrie Underwood, Urban decided to invite a star from a separate genre to give his ballad a unique twist and hint of nostalgia. The country singer was right on the money when he brought former Spice Girl member Melanie C to the stage.

Urban was a guest on BBC One’s Graham Norton Show, treating guests to a thrilling performance that kicked off with the Australian singer vibrantly singing his opening vocals. As he neared the song’s chorus, pop star Melanie C. casually strolled onto the stage beside the country star and began to rock out to Underwood’s lyrics. “What if I fall,” she sang, getting friendly with the singer and feeling the booming instrumentals.

“What if I fall (I won’t let you fall)/ What if I cry (I’ll never make you cry)/ And if I get scared (I’ll hold you tighter)/ When they’re trying to get to you baby I’ll be the fighter,” the two serenaded. Fans in the audience were elated to see the two performers hashing out the lyrics on the stage, getting an epic taste of Urban’s country thunder and Melanie C.’s pop vocals.

The country singer ever complimented his dashing duet partner, exclaiming amidst the music, “You’re so beautiful, Mel!” Be sure to check out their energetic duet and tell us what you thought!