Keith Urban Shows Off Bloody Eye Injury

Keith Urban / Instagram

Keith Urban stopped by The Today Show on Friday, September 3rd to perform a few songs for their summer concert series. His concert kicked off the long weekend, in honor of Labor Day.


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The New Zealand-born Australian country singer hopped on Instagram after he woke up to tell fans how excited he was to play The Today Show. He woke up bright and early in New York City and saw that he had a gruesome injury in his eye, of all places!

Hi everyone, Keith here. I wake up this morning. [I’m] doing the Today Show, big televisual moment, and I’ve got this going on,” he said.

At that moment, he looked to his left and his right eyeball was completely bloody! He revealed it is called conjunctival hemorrhage and has no idea how he got it.

A conjunctival hemorrhage is when there is “bleeding underneath the conjunctiva. and can occur after a sudden or severe sneeze or cough, heavy lifting, straining, vomiting, or even rubbing one’s eyes too roughly.”

Usually, the condition will go away on its own in about two weeks.

I’m owning this today…on national television!” he said showing off the injury once again.


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Luckily, you couldn’t even see it during his performance! Check it out in the videos below.