Kelly Clarkson Gives Update After Undergoing Unexpected Surgery

Facebook / Kelly Clarkson

It was both an incredible and terrifying night for Kelly Clarkson last Wednesday, May 1st. While hosting the Billboard Music Awards, Clarkson started experiencing unbearable pain but nonetheless pushed through the star-studded show. It was not long after that Clarkson learned she was suffering from appendicitis and was forced to rush to the hospital directly following the Awards show.

Clarkson immediately flew back to her home in Los Angeles on May 2nd where she went into surgery to remove her appendix. Little did the singer know, she had been fighting appendicitis for a week. Even more shocking, no one had a clue! Clarkson put on a performance of her new song, “Broken & Beautiful” and kept the BBMA’s alive the entire time.

After the show, Kelly tweeted to fans revealing just how much pain she was in, but keeping a positive attitude per usual!

While it’s been only a couple days since her surgery, the powerhouse is in full recovery mode…and bored already! Kelly shared a “quick recap” with fans that proves just how much energy she has no matter what condition she’s in.

“Recovering after surgery super duper sucks. Turns out I don’t “rest” well (so bored), pain meds make me feel a different kind of horrible 2 where I question if I’d just rather feel the pain instead, & 2 out of the 3 scars feel as if Lord Voldemort is always near.”

Looks like Kelly is ready to get back out on the stage ASAP! She’s proven to be quite the champ. We applaud her big time.

In case you missed it, check out Kelly Clarkson’s live Billboard Music Awards performance below.