Kelly Clarkson & Josh Groban Burst Into Song In Never-Before-Seen-Clip

The Kelly Clarkson Show / Facebook

Kelly Clarkson just released never-before-scene footage from the pilot episode of her talk show, and it will make you want to burst into song.

In the exclusive segment from the trial run of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Josh Groban joined Clarkson for an interview. The two singers discussed their musical theatre backgrounds, and of course, neither star could resist bursting into song mid-sentence in true broadway fashion.


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Clarkson and Groban flawlessly held their composure between stretches of singing and genuine conversation. The stars would emotionally belt a few lines of a song and then return to the interview as if nothing abnormal happened.

“I remember thinking though, when I was first introduced to musical theatre…’Oh, we’re just all cool with like…she’s just going to break out into song as if it’s normal,'” Clarkson joked during interview. “I thought it was awkward!”


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Groban and Clarkson continued to sing throughout the interview, much to the delight of a chuckling audience. The performance showed off the unique voices of both artist, and Clarkson pulled off the pilot segment flawlessly.

You can watch the full interview, including the musical numbers, in the video here:

Also, check out the video below to learn more about Clarkson and her talk show!