Guys Scares Girl With Fake Alligator In New Video

Rick's Funny Friends / Facebook

A hilarious video has recently surfaced of a man scaring a lady with a fake alligator head that’s attached to a string on a fishing pole.

Rick’s Funny Friends / Facebook

Rick’s Funny Friends posted the video to Facebook and it starts off with the guy standing on a dock and grinning ear to ear knowing that he’s about to scare his lady friend standing in the water.

She is completely focused on playing on her phone as he placed the fake gator head in the water behind her. The man then proceeded to advise her to stay aware of her surroundings because there may be dangerous things in the water.

The man says, “Whenever you’re in the water you have to be really aware of your surroundings. Because their are like sea snakes, gators, or who knows what’s in there.” 

Rick’s Funny Friends / Facebook

When he said the word gator, that really got her attention. She responds back saying that gators are the number one thing that she most fears. As he held back his laughter, because he had the fake gator head floating very close to her, he again told her she needed to keep her eyes on what’s around her instead of being glued to her phone.

After about two minutes of not realizing it was behind her, she then turns around to see it and completely freaks out. She takes off running towards the shore and he chases her with the fake head until she turns around and realizes it’s a joke.

Take A Look At The Funny Video Below