Kelly Clarkson Pours Her Soul Into Cover Of “Midnight Train To Georgia”

The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube

“Midnight Train to Georgia” is one of those songs that gets covered all the time, and not always in a good way. Anyone who wants to pull off a successful cover of the song needs to have the vocal power and control to do so.

That’s why Kelly Clarkson‘s performance of the song worked so well.

Clarkson chose “Midnight Train to Georgia” as one of the songs she wanted to showcase during the “Kellyoke” segment of her talk show. Instead of changing the song up too much, Clarkson used its natural style to showcase everything her voice is capable of doing.

Her cover started off extremely smooth and soulful. As she progressed through the song, she occasionally let her voice soar into the rafters, and hit several high notes with bursts of power.

Per usual, Clarkson impressed her viewers with her “Kellyoke” performance. People raved about her cover of “Midnight Train to Georgia” on social media and in the YouTube comments section.

I am seriously running out of compliments on Kelly! She kills it EVERY SINGLE TIME!” commented one person on YouTube.

Everything about this was amazing! Kelly, the band, those background vocals, the lighting, WOW! Loved it all!” wrote another fan.

See a few more reactions below.

If you missed Clarkson’s cover of “Midnight Train to Georgia,” you can catch her performance in the video below. She crushes these covers every time!

Which song are you hoping to hear Clarkson sing in the future?