Kevin Costner’s New TV Series ‘National Parks’ No Longer Happening

Kevin Costner & Modern West / Facebook

Kevin Costner fans are heartbroken after the news that ABC decided to pass on his upcoming show, National Parks.

According to TV Insider, the show was given the green light earlier this year, but ABC needed more time to decide after an initial cut of the pilot.

National Parks, was a crime/drama set in the beautiful landscapes of America’s beloved national parks. Costner, who currently stars on Paramount Network’s western drama Yellowstone, had been selected to be a writer and co-producer for the new show along with The Flash’s Aaron Helbing, and author Jon Baird.

The premise of the show revolved around the small group of elite NPS agents as they solve crimes while protecting these national parks and their treasures within.

After his Oscar-winning movie, Dances With Wolves, and his executive role in Yellowstone, fans were really looking to see what Costner could deliver in another TV drama.

National Parks would’ve been Costner’s second major television series in which he took on the role of executive producer. Currently, he is starring and producing in Paramount Network’s Yellowstone, which is heading into its fourth season in Fall 2021.

Even though the cancelation is a big disappointment for many, at least we finally have some info on Season 4 of Yellowstone.

Check out the teaser video for it below.