KFC Is Selling Fried Chicken Skins By The Bag

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You already know where this is going, but what KFC just did with The Colonel’s 11 secret herbs and spices will have you dying to make a special trip for dinner tonight!

The famous fast food chicken chain is known for pulling wild stunts and featuring crazy products that take their secret recipe to a whole new level – for example, do you remember when they came out with chicken-flavored nail polish?

I know, I know, some of you are raising your eyebrows even at the thought of edible nail polish, let alone one that tastes like KFC – but that happened…and now we are moving on.

So, with their history of attention-grabbing headlines and even bringing Reba McEntire into the fold as their first-ever female Colonel…KFC is getting attention again, but this time – they’re removing the “chicken” from the recipe.

KFC’s international division in Indonesia has finally announced something all of us have been waiting on for years! CHICKEN SKINS.

Yes, you heard that right, folks! KFC is now selling chicken skins – the fried, crispy goodness that you really go to KFC for is now available all on its own!

KFC Indonesia

Prominently featured as little bites of deep-fried chicken skin seasoned to perfection, they come in two different styles: “Cracklings” and standard “Chicken Skin.”

KFC Indonesia

Both are finger-lickin’ good (probably) and both are calling to me from afar. If things go my way, we will have chicken skins come stateside before too long and then all my dreams will have come true.

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But, in case you’re craving the taste of fried chicken skins (sans actual chicken) you can pop on over to Los Angeles where an aptly-named restaurant is selling them by the bucket full! (Or you can order them online and have them delivered to your door if you live in the LA area.)

Chick N’ Skin is the closest thing we will probably have until KFC floats this great idea over on to their American branch – and honestly, I just ordered 5 buckets.