Kid Rock Crashes Legendary Rock Band’s Concert For Unannounced Performance

Joey Foley / WireImage / Getty Images

Those who turned out to watch the legendary rock band Foreigner perform on Friday (August 11) at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Detroit, Michigan were in for a big surprise. During the finale, the group broke out into their iconic song “Hot Blooded,” when a special guest suddenly made an appearance. According to Billboard, this guest was “unannounced” to the crowd, so they had no idea he was there until he walked out on stage.

That special guest was none other than Michigan native Kid Rock, who first got his start in music by rapping at talent shows in the Detroit area. Once obtaining fame, Rock has successfully managed to jump across genres, and has recently become more well-known for the country side of his career.

Rock turned back to his rap roots when he performed with Foreigner, and took the time to bust out into a little freestyle during his performance. But he kept the rapping to the minimum, opting instead to sing along to the song, particularly its chorus.

The crowd was excited to see Rock there that night, as his performance there was somewhat historic. It had been two years since Rock performed at that particular venue, making his surprise appearance all the more thrilling for his hometown crowd.

Two years ago, Rock was also performing alongside Foreigner on that exact same stage. The group served as his opening act for a ten-show run at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in August 2015. We’re sure they were all glad to reunite with each other after so long!

If you weren’t able to attend Foreigner’s show on Friday, then you’ll be glad to hear that a fan filmed Rock’s surprise performance. You can tune in below to check it out!

Rock is known for showing up at other artists’ concerts for a surprise performance, so we wonder where we’ll see him next!