Lady Tickles Chicken & Makes It Laugh

ABC 7 Amarillo / Facebook

ABC Amarillo posted a funny video on Facebook showing a woman tickling a chicken to make it laugh and it’s hilarious.

“This is Francis, and if Francis does what she usually does this is going to be cute. She’s a good girl, she’s an easter egger and … you ever seen a chicken laugh?” The lady says in the ABC Amarillo¬†Facebook video.

According to the video, it appears the woman’s name is Lisa Biondo Backs who is from Texas and is familiar with this specific chicken named Francis. Maybe she lives or works on the farm with it – all we know is she has built a relationship with this chicken, she’s skilled at tickling it and has decided to film it.

The chicken stands in front of the camera like a good girl while Lisa puts her fingers under its wings in the perfect position to give it a good tickle. Lisa lets loose on Francis and begins tickling it and Francis busted out laughing in a very similar way a human would.

It’s completely adorable.

Lisa cracks a smile as the chicken belts out in laughter. She tickles it for a few seconds then stops to give it a chance to breathe. “And that’s Francis laughing, I hope you enjoyed,” she says as she ends the video. Watch the video yourself below.