Lainey Wilson Credits Miley Cyrus For Early Success


The “Heart Like a Truck” singer can just about do it all, including “Hannah Montana” impersonations.

She has come clean in the past about one of her old high school jobs, and now we have footage to validate the story. She used to impersonate “Hannah Montana” in eighth grade through high school for birthday parties and other events.

“It was like my childhood, high school gig. I did it from 8th grade to 12th grade. I did birthday parties, fairs, festivals…the last place I played was St. Jude,” Lainey said in an interview.

Lainey seemingly credits Miley Cyrus for her early success stating she would tell her “thank you” for the money she made in high school.

“It’s going to be crazy when I meet Miley, and be ‘Hey by the way, thank you because, girl, I was making some bank in high school,” Lainey stated in an interview last year (2022).

The 31-year-old tells how she would open for “Hannah Montana” as Lainey Wilson stating, “I started impersonating ‘Hannah Montana’ in eighth grade through 12th grade, and I would open up for myself a lot of the time.”

Wilson was very successful when it came to impersonating “Hannah Montana,” but she did not have the same experience early on when it came to her own performances.

The singer told Trailblazers Radio with Fancy Hagood on Apple Music Country, “I would do three or four birthday parties a weekend. I’ve been booked, and actually, it was funny, because for five years of doing ‘Hannah Montana,’ I was booked and busy. Then when I got to Nashville, for the next 12 years, I wasn’t booked and busy, so [it was] a lot of highs and lows, but I did that for a long time.”

The country music star got her love for music from her dad who taught her how to play the guitar.

“My daddy showed me a few chords on the guitar and took a few lessons and started playing at 11. And then it really kind of became one of those things just even as a child, it just grabbed ahold of me and would not let go,” the singer said.
“I did extracurricular activities like all the other kids did, and I cheered and played basketball. I wasn’t no good at any of it, but I would go home and I would play music and I just loved it. It had become a part of me.”

It’s safe to say Wilson is a “daddy’s girl.” She even had her dad accompany her at the most recent CMA Awards. How cute!


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Lainey’s dreams are all coming true twelve years later, and I’m sure there are even some “Lainey Wilson” impersonators out there who will grow up to share their music with other people someday.

Watch Lainey’s “Hannah Montana” impersonation in the video below.