Lainey Wilson Sings To Boyfriend In Goofy Behind-The-Scenes Video


Lainey Wilson’s boyfriend, Devlin (Duck) Hodges, posted a silly video of Lainey singing to him in the front seat of his truck.

The more we hear about Lainey Wilson, the more we love her. She’s so real and unapologetically goofy—What’s not to love?

The rising country music star has already won hearts all around the world with her charming country twang and “dump truck,” but the more she unveils her goofy personality, the more we love the Louisiana-native.

“You know, I’ve been at this a long time and if you found out about my music and stuck around because of the butt or because of the music…you’re welcome!” Lainey said.


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The “Heart Like a Truck” singer came from humble beginnings in the tiny town of Baskin, Louisiana.

The lovable Louisiana-native has stayed true to her roots, and continues to make us laugh with her quirky personality on full display at concerts and on social media.

If you love Lainey Wilson as much as we do, this next bit of news might be heartbreaking for you to hear—Lainey has a boyfriend.

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To many fan’s dismay, Lainey Wilson was officially taken off the market earlier this year (2023).

Rumors of Lainey having a special someone started when she and her entire band made an appearance in Devlin “Duck” Hodges jerseys at a show in Pittsburg. Hodges was a Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and goes by the name “Duck” due to his not-so-hidden talent of duck calling.

The rumors were confirmed when the two made an appearance together at the ACM Awards just a couple of weeks later.

Hodges has posted some behind the scenes footage of Lainey on his socials in the past, but this most recent video seemed like a personal attack on Lainey’s dignity.

Watch Lainey sing to her boyfriend in the hysterical video below.