Woman Called Out By Miranda Lambert During Concert Has One Question For Her

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If you’re a true Miranda Lambert fan, you’ve probably already heard about the recent incident at her Las Vegas concert, where she took a stand against selfies during her performance.

The country star stopped her show and called out a group of concertgoers who were more focused on their phones than her heartfelt performance.

The Video Of Miranda Stopping The Concert Went Viral

The videos of the now-viral moment have been all over the internet, showing the group taking pictures with their flash on, and it seemed to go on for quite some time before Miranda had enough. The interruption occurred during the emotional rendition of “Tin Man,” which only added to the frustration of those around the distracted group.

Opinions on the incident are split among fans and netizens alike. Some praised Miranda for putting an end to the distraction, especially during such an intimate song. On the other hand, some argued that as VIP ticket holders, the group should have the right to take photos if they wanted to.

However, an interesting twist emerged when it was revealed that the group wasn’t even taking selfies. They had someone else taking the picture for them, with the flash on, and Miranda wasn’t even visible in one of the photos. It begs the question, why did she single out this particular group?

One of the women in the spotlight, Adela, an alleged “influencer,” took to TikTok to share her perspective on the whole incident. According to her, there were thousands of people in the theater doing the same thing throughout the concert – taking pictures, videos, and yes, selfies too. Adela raised the one question that seemed to be on everyone’s mind: Why did Miranda choose her and her friends to call out when so many others were doing the same?

“I only have one question about the whole incident that took place when me and my friends were at the Miranda Lambert concert this past Saturday night. Just one question. But first, one, understand there were about seven 7,000 in the theater at Planet Hollywood,” Adele said in an Instagram video.

Adela speculated that perhaps Miranda was annoyed by the constant sea of phones and decided to make an example out of them since they were right in front of her. By doing so, she may have hoped to regain the audience’s full attention and let her soulful voice take center stage.

While Miranda has yet to address the incident publicly, the curiosity among her fans is undoubtedly growing. What was her perspective? Was it the best way to handle the situation? As of now, we can only speculate. But knowing Miranda’s candid and outspoken personality, it’s safe to say she made her point loud and clear.

For now, the one question lingers – why this group? We can only hope that one day Miranda Lambert will shed light on the incident and provide the answers her devoted fans are yearning for.

In the meantime, watch the full video below of Miranda calling out the group and decide for yourself. Let us know your thoughts on this curious situation. As Miranda Lambert fans, we’re all ears!

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Watch Miranda Lambert Call OUt Concert Goers Below