Largest Firework Ever Built Goes Off In Colorado – Breaks Guinness World Record

Fire TV / Facebook

On Saturday, February 8th, 2020 the largest aerial firework ever built was launched over a Colorado ski resort town during the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival.

The firework was created by pyrotechnic aficionado Tim Borden and his team and was a project that took seven years complete. It was 62-inches across, weighed over 2,800 pounds and it went up 2,200 feet into the air before it detonated over Howelsen Hill landscape.

Many people gathered and cheered for the colossal display as it turned the dark sky into a brightly lit, red and white blast of light. Guinness World Records representatives were witnessing the show and officially entered Tim and his team into their book as the #1 world record holder for biggest firework.

This was actually the second attempt and GWR representatives also came to that one too. It happened last year and it failed to launch when one shell accidentally fired off exploding the entire motor before it could be lifted off the ground.

Steam Boat Pilot reported Guinness adjudicator Christina Conlon said during an award ceremony after the launch, “Most people would balk at the idea of coming back and trying to launch such a tremendously large firework just a year later.” She then congratulated them for their success.

They smashed the previous world record by the United Arab Emirates established on New Year’s Eve in 2018 launching a 2,397-pound firework over the Al Marjan Islands.