Larry The Cable Guy Snaps Man’s Arm In Half


You should not watch this if you get squeamish easily, or if you don’t think you could stomach watching a man’s arm break in half.

Apparently Larry The Cable Guy is one strong fellow, and he just proved it in one of the most horrifying ways possible: breaking someone’s arm.

It all went down during the University of Nebraska football game last weekend when John, an Army veteran, decided to challenge the celebrity comedian to an arm wrestling match…but things didn’t go as planned.

The pair sat down at a table with a small child running around as referee of the match and prepared for the battle of strength. Just as the match began, you could see them both putting all their effort into it – but as it turns out, Larry’s muscles are stronger than John’s bones.

Moments later you hear a loud SNAP! and his arm bends in a way that you just no isn’t natural. He lifts up his limp arm and you can see it hanging there so contorted you definitely know it’s broken.

According to TMZ, he snapped his humerus bone and had to have surgery on it. He also told TMZ that the surgery consisted of doctors affixing a plate inside his arm to hold the bone together.