LeAnn Rimes Debuts Chilling Music Video For New Song “How To Kiss A Boy”

LeAnnRimesVEVO YouTube Channel

Country music sweetheart LeAnn Rimes has held a notable music career not only by not only becoming the youngest country music star since Tanya Tucker, but by also singing over 40 singles onto the Billboard charts and snagging numerous substantial awards for her music. Fortunately, the “Blue” singer is making her way back to the spotlight with a promising new comeback album titled Remnants that is set to release on October 28. The album is expected to not only give listeners and fans the dose of Rimes they’ve been craving, but it contains one song in particular that Rimes assured Rolling Stone is one of vulnerability and healing. She explained, “That’s really what I hope people get out of it, is some sense of healing.”

And boy, was she right! Rimes debuted the music video to the chilling number and we can promise you it contains no shortage of emotions. Although the footage is extremely simple, essentially just showing Rimes performing the ballad in a church setting with beautiful, rustic architecture, her performance and raw emotion is projected beyond the song and resonates with its listener.


Rimes chose wisely to create a very simple and easily followed video compilation, seeing that her song itself is loaded with intricate and heart-wrenching situations that many of us have fallen victim to.

Be sure to enjoy the new video below and keep a lookout for the upcoming album!