Leukemia Stricken Child Gets Heartwarming Selfie With Idol Luke Bryan

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11-year-old Gracie Gonzalez has been dealt quite the hand since being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a rare form of childhood cancer that resides in bone marrow. While little Gracie has continuously been hospitalized, it was time for this chica to get outside of those medical building walls and do something adventurous! And that she did! Gracie made a wise choice to see one of the most energetic and vivacious country music artists out there, the one-and-only Luke Bryan!

The “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” singer, although notorious for his often unpredictable shows, is consistently known for giving his audience a night to remember! And, with a bit of assistance, Gracie received just that.

Holding a sign reading “Luke-kemia can’t stop me from seeing my Luke”, it was no surprise that the charming, young girl grabbed Bryan’s attention! Upon seeing the emotional message, Bryan brought himself over to Gracie and snapped an incredible selfie with her, a moment that she is sure to never forget. The trending photo showed the two wearing vibrant smiles bigger than Bryan’s love for “huntin’, fishin’, and lovin’ everyday.” Gracie was also given the opportunity to meet Bryan backstage, in which their second photo session is nothing short of bright smiles and sheer happiness.

This brought tears to my eyes, he’s so freaking sweet😭😭😍😍❤ #teamluke #lukebryan #killthelightstour

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Upon hearing of Gracie’s heartwarming story, fans for Bryan have initiated a GoFundMe page titled “Shake It For Gracie”. Luckily, fans worldwide have been shaking it for this cutie pie, as they have successfully raised more than $22,000!

With such negative press and coverage in today’s media outlets, it is often refreshing to hear of the kind gestures and positive vibes being sent out into the world. You go, Gracie!

Bryan is no stranger to giving little kids the once-in-a-lifetime concert experience! Check out the video below of Bryan inviting a little country girl on stage and letting her dance her heart out!