Little Big Town & Maren Morris Unite To Sing “Down In The River To Pray” At 2017 Ryman Show

acidwestern / Instagram

Little Big Town has managed to make history in many ways, one of which relates directly to the “Mother Church of Country Music.” Starting on February 24, 2017, the group began a residency at the famed Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. In doing so, they became the first act to ever have a residency there.

Those who visit Nashville have been got the chance to enjoy some outstanding shows from Little Big Town during their residency. The group managed to keep things interesting by inviting surprise guests to join them for performances. These collaborations were always a fan-pleasing part of the group’s set.

Little Big Town teamed up with everyone from Ronnie Dunn to Miranda Lambert in order to provide quality entertainment to the Ryman audience. Another one of their special guests was Maren Morris, who is known for her hit songs such as “My Church” and her chart-topping collaboration with Thomas Rhett on “Craving You.”

Together, Morris and Little Big Town sang one of the most beloved songs in all of music. That song was “Down in the River to Pray,” a traditional song that makes its appearance on many Christian and gospel albums. You likely remember hearing it performed by Alison Krauss for the 2000 film O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Since “Down in the River to Pray” is frequently performed a cappella, the song was the perfect choice for Little Big Town and Morris. The lack of instrumentals gave them the chance to show off their skilled harmonies.

Morris took the lead on the song, and started off singing all on her own. The members of Little Big Town slowly joined in until all of them were singing at the same time. When all of their voices combined, the resulting sound was heavenly.

The Ryman audience seemed to be impressed with what they heard. They clapped along throughout the entire performance and exploded with a loud round of applause at the conclusion. That response was well-earned!

Tune in below to watch Little Big Town’s enchanting performance of “Down in the River to Pray” with Morris. It will be music to your ears!