Little Girl Crashes Country Singer’s Concert With Adorable Performance

Cam Facebook

On June 16, 2015, Cam released the second single off of her debut album. In just a few weeks time, that song would become one of the hottest tracks in country music. That song was “Burning House.”

“Burning House” ended up climbing all the way to the second spot on both the Billboard Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs charts. It was also a crossover hit, and claimed the 29th spot on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was eventually certified Platinum by the RIAA for the sale of over one million copies.

The success of “Burning House” helped kickstart Cam’s career. She is now regarded as one of country music’s rising stars, making her an instant fan-favorite.

It turns out that Cam also has her fair share of young fans as well. One little girl named Addy shares a special connection with the singer, since they are both from the same town. Cam and Addy happened to meet at one of her recent shows, and Cam knew she had to bring the sweet girl up on stage with her.

As Cam wrote on Facebook, Addy is currently in the fourth grade and is from the town that she spent her own childhood in. Once Addy learned that Cam had started singing in fourth grade, she felt inspired to start singing herself.

After hearing about Addy’s love of music, Cam decided to invite her on stage for a duet on “Burning House.” Standing right next to the little girl, Cam held up the microphone to her and let her sing loud and proud for the whole crowd to hear. The look on Cam’s face when Addy starts singing is priceless.

Seeing that Addy had the hang of things, Cam took a step back and let her take charge. Addy didn’t seem the least bit shy as she belted out the lyrics to the song’s recognizable chorus. We think she’s already well on the way to becoming a country star!

You can scroll down below to catch the adorable video of Cam and Addy’s sing-a-long. It’s sure to be the cutest thing you’ll see today.