Miranda Lambert Makes Surprising Confession About Her Life

Bobby Bones YouTube Channel

As one of the biggest stars in country music right now, you would think that Miranda Lambert gets stopped by fans whenever she steps out in public. But during a recent interview with Bobby Bones, she shared a surprising admission. It turns out that Lambert can usually go out in public without being bothered at all!

After moving to the Nashville area, Lambert revealed that she initially spent some time “running a little wild,” but that she eventually “calmed down.” Bones was a bit shocked that Lambert was able to live it up in Nashville without anyone pestering her.

You would just go out?” Bones asked

Oh yeah,” Lambert said, adding, “I go to Walmart.”

Bones was curious to know how Lambert manages to go out in public without being bombarded by a hoard of fans. Lambert joked about the reason why, saying that it all has to do with her face.

“I kind of have this, what do you call it, R.B.F.,” she said, referencing the term resting b—- face. In other words, Lambert feels like people avoid her because she always has a serious look on her face.

Lambert admitted that she doesn’t try to look angry on purpose, it just happens.

I don’t mean to, though,” she said. “I just do my thing and drink Miller Lite and hang out with my friends.”

Lambert has taken a note from her own fans when she’s out and about in Nashville. She noted that she encounters other celebrities out in public, many that she deems to be heroes of hers. But whenever she sees these artists, she makes sure to give them some space.

Anybody who’s anybody who’s my hero who lives here,” she said. “When I see them out, I don’t bug them.”

Lambert shared more secrets and funny pieces of her life while talking with Bones. You can watch the full interview in the clip below.

Serious face or not, it would be hard for us not to say “hello” to Lambert if we saw her out somewhere!