Long Jumping Trucks Is Your New Favorite Redneck Activity

YouTube/Mud Stamp Films

Gone are the days of just getting your truck ready to go muddin’. Instead, these rednecks took their love for trucks and the mud up a few notches by competing in a long jump competition!

The Kleinschmidt Nationals is an off road extravaganza in Missouri that consists of  “multiple mud pits to challenge mud trucks from mild to wild, a gravity defying longest jump competition, a spectacular longest wheelie contest and in the center of all the action is a well groomed dirt drag strip”, according to the Facebook event from 2016.

The “gravity defying longest jump competition” caught our eye and we just had to look into it a little bit more. These drivers revved their engines, got good head starts and launched themselves off a man made jump to see whose truck would go the farthest.

We don’t know who invented long jump for trucks, but we love it! Would you ever enter a competition like this?! Watch the longest jump competition below.