Loretta Lynn Returns To Stage Following Surgery With Special Guest By Her Side

EmiSunshine Facebook

Over Labor Day weekend, Loretta Lynn was scheduled to perform at her ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. But after taking a fall just prior to the show, Lynn cancelled that performance along with the rest of her engagements for the month of September.

Lynn’s injuries were not serious, but she did have to undergo minor surgery, according to her website. Her doctors wanted her to refrain from performing until she was fully recovered.

With the exception of the release of her Christmas album, White Christmas Blue, not much has been heard from Lynn since she took her fall. But recently, newly scheduled performance dates started appearing as events on her Facebook page, giving fans the clue that she is finally feeling better.

After this weekend (October 22-23), it seems that Lynn may finally be on the mend. She appeared in Branson, Missouri for two shows, one on each day, but she wasn’t alone. 12-year-old country music prodigy EmiSunshine had the honor of standing by Lynn’s side on stage. Writing about the experience on her Facebook page, EmiSunshine said, “A weekend like this is beyond my hopes and dreams.”

EmiSunshine had the special honor of being able to sing one of Lynn’s own songs while she was standing right next to her. A video of the performance shows Lynn seated in a chair at center stage, while EmiSunshine stood beside her and sang “You Ain’t Woman Enough.”

At only 12 years old, EmiSunshine has that classic country sound that everyone loves. There’s no denying the young girl’s talent, and you can tell by watching Lynn in the clip below that she fells the same.

Following her performance, EmiSunshine wrapped Lynn up in a big hug before bouncing off of the stage, as Lynn asked the crowd, “Isn’t she great?”

We certainly think so! Now you can see the touching moment yourself in the video below.