Lukas Nelson Sings In Italian To Pay Tribute To Italy During COVID-19 Lockdown

Instagram / Lukas Nelson

Lukas Nelson, son to Willie Nelson is embracing his Italian heritage and dedicating his latest “Quarantune” to his family back in Italy and all Italians who are being strong and resilient amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Lukas starts the video with a “Ciao Italia” which translates to “Hello Italy.” Then he starts the Italian song and serenades us with his incredible voice. The song Lukas is singing is titled “Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu)” by Domenico Modugno. The title translates to “Fly (in the blue painted blue).” You can watch the original version below.


This is the second “Quarantune” Lukas has posted with the first being an uplifting version of “Hallelujah.”

Lukas is finding the positive in all the chaos of COVID-19 and being sure to appreciate and enjoy the family time that is usually rare.

Lukas captioned a photo of himself and his father Willie playing chess:

At the very least in these troubled days, the quality time spent with family has been a great blessing .. we haven’t left the house in weeks, and for a family of road musicians, that’s unheard of. Frankly, these are the most important times in our lives, and we would never have stopped to really soak them in were we not forced to. Folks around my age should really take the time to cultivate the garden that is your family, and the budding joy. Take care to see the divine lesson behind every challenge.. the gratitude you’ll find gives you the tools to discover your inner power, perhaps yet undiscovered…which is essential to help others less fortunate in this time of need..

Lukas captioned his second “Quarantunes” Instagram post:

As someone with Italian heritage and family there, the situation in Italy is especially close to home .. this is for them and the rest the strong and resilient Italian people ??

We sure do appreciate Lukas sharing these “Quarantunes” and look forward to the next one!

Watch Lukas’ rendition of the Italian song “Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu)” below.