Luke Bryan Grants Special Wish For 88-Year-Old Fan With Terminal Illness / 41 Action News / YouTube

88-year-old Francis Stanaway has always been a big country music fan. If you were to ask her who her favorite artist is, she would say Luke Bryan‘s name without hesitation.

Sadly, Stanaway hasn’t been able to listen to country music as much as she used to. She has been living in a nursing home since she was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

We’re excited for her because she used to love country music so much before she went to the nursing home,” Stanaway’s son and daughter-in-law told KSHB-41 News. “She doesn’t get to experience it much more.”

Thanks to the Crossroads Hospice’s “Gift of a Day” program, Stanaway not only got the chance to attend Bryan’s concert, but she was able to meet him. Stanaway prepared for the occasion by dressing in a customized t-shirt that featured Bryan on the front.

When asked by KSHB-41 if she thinks that Bryan is handsome, Stanaway was quick to respond. “Oh heavens yes!” she said.

Knowing that Bryan recently celebrated his birthday, Stanaway came prepared with a present to give him. She knows how much he loves salty snacks, especially Lay’s potato chips, so she gifted him with a big bag of chips and a tin of popcorn.

Stanaway’s son told KSHB-41 that she could hardly wait to meet Bryan before the concert. This is probably the most excited she’s been for six to seven months,” he said.

All of that excitement was evident in the smile Stanaway sported once she finally met Bryan. The two took a series of  photos together, including one where Bryan let her touch his butt! Her face in that photo was priceless!

You can watch the report about Stanaway’s meeting with Bryan in the clip below. You can tell how much that moment meant to her!