Luke Bryan Cries Over Nephew’s “Surprise” Visit For Son’s Birthday

Luke Bryan / Instagram

Luke Bryan’s son Tate received a birthday surprise that had even Luke himself in tears. He filmed the entire moment and posted in to his Instagram.

For Tate’s 10th birthday, he was surprised by the visit of one particular family member – Til. Til is Bryan’s nephew that he adopted back in 2015. After the sudden death of his brother-in-law, it left Bryan’s late sister’s three children without parents. Bryan and his wife, Caroline, stepped in to help raise nephew Til, and nieces Kris and Jordan alongside their own two boys, Bo and Tate.

The family had recently bid an emotional farewell to Til as he left for college. Caroline posted a picture of the moment and captioned it:

“I left a big piece of my heart today in Georgia. Been dreading this day for years, but I guess it’s time for Til to fly. Still can’t handle it right now! Good luck in college my sweet boy.”

Luke even commented on the picture with a crying emoji and said,

“I keep looking to see if his truck is parked next to mine.”

But Luke and Caroline aren’t the only ones who felt like they were missing a big part of their lives. Both Bo and Tate miss their big brother and the emotional response between Tate and Til says it all.

Watch their reaction in the video below.