Luke Combs & Fiancée Nicole Welcome Adorable New Addition

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Some New Awards & A New Family Member

Luke Combs and his fiancée Nicole Hocking have a wealth of reasons to celebrate right now!

On Wednesday night (May 1), Combs won an impressive total of three Billboard Music Awards, making him the most-awarded country star at the all-genre ceremony. He won Top Male Country Artist, Top Country Album (This One’s for You), and beat out artists such as Jason Aldean and Kane Brown to win the overall Top Country Artist award.

Nicole celebrated Luke’s accomplishments on her Instagram Story, posting a graphic listing his wins. She wrote “Ok ok ok that’s insane babe congrats.”

Nicole Hocking / Instagram

But to get to that point in Nicole’s Instagram story, you come across a few short videos of her, her sister Jenna, and who appears to be Luke, snuggling with a tiny black dog.

And that’s because the little dog you see in those videos is now a part of Luke and Nicole’s family!

So Many Adorable Photos

Nicole shared the happy news in a post to Instagram. The first picture she posted shows her kneeling by the pool while holding the leash of their new fox-like family member. His name is Jojo, and he’s as cute as can be!

But if you think the picture of Jojo and Nicole is precious, just wait until you see the one with Luke. If you click through Nicole’s slideshow, you’ll see a picture of Luke meeting Jojo to bring him home, and his face is priceless.

The couple adopted Jojo from Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue in Nashville. The rescue shared the same photos that Nicole posted on Instagram, and wrote, “Can’t wait to see [Jojo’s] pictures on the tour bus!

It seems that Jojo made himself right at home once he got settled at Luke and Nicole’s place. Nicole’s Instagram Story shows the little guy seeming completely enamored with her, Jenna, and Luke.


The last clip that Nicole shared shows Jojo sleeping on her lap, completely at ease. Think he knows he just found his forever home?

Nicole Hocking / Instagram
Nicole Hocking / Instagram
Nicole Hocking / Instagram

If Jojo wants to join his dad on tour, he has an immediate chance to do so. Luke is currently touring across the country on his extended Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour.

Luke recently revealed that after high demand, he’ll be releasing the tour’s namesake song within the next week. It’s always been a fan-favorite during his shows, as you can tell by watching one of his performances below.

Who knows, maybe the next time we see Luke on stage he’ll be joined by his new four-legged friend!