Luke Combs Responds To Video Of Boy Belting “Beer Never Broke My Heart”

(Left) Luke Combs / Facebook/(Right) pat still / Twitter

Luke Combs is one of the hottest stars in country music right now. Every single he’s ever released has reached #1 on the charts, and he has millions of followers on Instagram.

Luke is so popular, he has fans both young and old. We recently found a video of one of his biggest little fans, and thought it was too cute not to share!

Radio DJ Pat Still put a video up on Twitter of a 6-year-old boy named Jaxon singing Luke’s #1 hit, “Beer Never Broke My Heart.” The boy was belting the song at the top of his lungs…he was truly singing his heart out!

Pat explained that Jaxon was born with cataracts, which severely affect his vision. “He was born with cataracts and can only see about 6 feet in front of him. Doesn’t slow him down any. He LOVES you,” Pat said.

The love is apparently mutual, because Luke saw Jaxon’s video and made it clear he was a fan. In response, Luke retweeted the video and said, “Jaxon, that’s the kinda energy I need at every show. You tell me where and the tickets are on me. Keep rockin buddy!

We hope Jaxon gets the chance to attend one of Luke’s concerts soon so he can see him in person!

Look below to watch the video of Jaxon singing “Beer Never Broke My Heart.” We can’t get enough of his enthusiasm!