Lynn Family Mourns Death Of Loretta’s Longtime Assistant, Tim Cobb

(Left) Patsy Russell / Instagram / (Center) Peggy L. Marchetti / Facebook / (Left) Tayla Lynn / Instagram

The Lynn family is mourning the death of Loretta Lynn‘s longtime friend, assistant, and dress designer, Tim Cobb.

Tim’s death was announced in a post on Loretta’s social media pages on Monday (March 13):

“The Lynn family is sad to announce that Loretta’s long-time assistant and dear friend, Tim Cobb, has passed away. Tim was Loretta’s assistant for thirty years, beginning in 1982. She loved him dearly, and so did we. Tim was a member of our family, and we are heartbroken. We will share more in honor of Tim in the days to come. You may honor Tim’s memory with a gift to the Loretta Lynn Foundation.”


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The Lynns lost Loretta just five months ago. She passed away on October 4, 2022. Now, they are mourning Tim’s death as well.

Various members of the Lynn family took to social media to express their grief and heartbreak about Tim’s passing. Loretta’s daughter, Patsy, said:

Such a another great loss today! Tim Cobb our brother our friend. My mom is holding his hand today no doubt. Miss you our Tim.”


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Patsy’s twin sister, Peggy, posted an emotional tribute to Tim on Facebook. She said:

“Gosh, first our family is utterly heartbroken with Tim Cobb’s passing. Even typing those words has me shaking my head in disbelief. He was our brother and I for one will profoundly feel the loss of him.”

Peggy went into detail about how loving Tim was. She said he was devoted to caring for Loretta after she suffered a stroke in 2017. He always made sure she had her favorite foods on hand, especially banana pudding.

I told Tim once that love was gentle and love was kind and love was banana pudding that’s how he showed up every day in service of others. For so many,” Peggy wrote.

Loretta’s granddaughter, Tayla, also mourned Tim’s passing. Calling him “Unc.” in her post, she said:

“He dressed me up. We gossiped. He would do anything for any of us. He loved our family so much. We loved him so much. Memaw lived so long because he took such amazing care of her. He loved her so much. He did everything for everyone. He was selfless…”

Tayla concluded her post by saying she loved Tim “dearly.”


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Tim’s love for Loretta shines through in the video below. The clip is from the PBS film Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl. It shows Tim talking about some of Loretta’s standout dresses, all of which he had a hand in designing. His passion for his work is crystal clear as he speaks about each gown.

We’ll be praying for the Lynn family and all of Tim’s loved ones during this challenging time. It’s easy to see how much he’ll be missed…