Man Accidentally Pours $60 Of Gas Into Boat’s Fishing Pole Holder – Fire Rescue Called

Orange County Fire Rescue Department, Florida / Facebook

A fisherman from Orlando, Florida was so excited to go fishing that he pulled up to a gas station with his boat and filled up with gas but ended up making a very big mistake.

He accidentally pumped the gas into a fishing pole holder that was connected to the boat and didn’t realize he was messing up until he poured $60 of fuel into the wrong hole. The fuel ended up leaking out of the fishing pole holder and onto the deck of his boat and then from there onto the ground of the gas station.

The 31-year-old fisherman’s boat was an 18-foot vessel and the gas was all over the place. He tried to clean it up by himself but soon realized the dangers so he called the fire rescue team to come to the scene and help clean up the highly hazardous situation.

This all happened on Monday, January 27th 2020 and was reported to the public via Twitter by spokesman Mike Jachles of the Orlando, Orange County Fire Rescue. Mike told NBC 2 that the incident was described as a “level 3 hazmat.” Meaning the potential of a hazard was high and had to be dealt with by professionals.

The gas was siphoned from the boat and cleaned up on the deck and the parking lot of the 7-Eleven gas station. The man put another $40, this time into the right spot and continued on his journey to go fishing.