Man Adopts Two-Headed Baby Snapping Turtle With Six Legs

photo credit: Worldstar / Instagram

YouTuber Brian Barczyk caught word that a breeder had a baby two-headed snapping turtle so he purchased it and filmed a video showing it off.

Fully Functional Two-Headed Turtle

Brian is a passionate reptile breeder who already owns a two-headed red-eared slider turtle and when he saw the snapper, he said he had to have it. The little snapper is only a few weeks old and has two fully functional heads and six legs that work perfectly.

Two-headed snapping turtles are extremely rare and typically any animal with two heads will not live very long at all. Brian knows that and even so he wanted to take his chances and purchase the snapper anyway because if it grows up to be a healthy adult it’s going to be a very popular and valuable creature to have.–XptoswUg3Kj_gOjZ3nGoI3ffcisAmQR0EUDlYlrHBih7nc_uoHAy30ayaUkxEBy3YmFp-082V0cUq48kyBp3yC_NW2bUO3TQn_c0uBCtsl34Lo6OfsRnLsMxLkACtqoisNkG0CF-VWCDF_KrvEPIW9mpJWcLEJ532Oa7ozCRzIXSdebFlLW1li9ztsMVfm4C3CIT3k3Z9a_jyh92k74Sk5HySdZLGtwAyuT7bZiS31Q88RLHOgiQK9e6_WJn9td23DCr-gMnt0tYkRDVAn6VyaUrBHOCR1fZMl7u35NBhuYlxvKVkGaLM7nRu9SuA6BrHzIMJqvHbomgyjiA7wPMUn2Y5QqhteqHwgNOQxuQldsA&theater

History Behind Snapping Turtles

Snapping turtles have been known to live over 100 years and usually take 15-20 years to mature into adulthood. They’re found in North America and are notoriously known for their combative disposition when pulled out of the water.

It’s highly mobile head and neck can stretch far out of its shell and its powerful beak-like jaws clamp down hard enough to make a person bleed if bitten. They are very beautiful but nothing you want to mess with if spotted in the wild.

Watch Brian Receive His Two-Headed Turtle In The Video Below