15-Year-Old Huntress Wins Youth Hunt With Eight-Point Buck

photo credit: carolinasportsman

15-year-old Jenna Miller was with her father Matt Miller participating in the WMA Youth Hunt competition in South Carolina when she shot and killed an eight-point buck.

photo credit: carolinasportsman

Beginning of The Youth Hunt Competition

She and her dad were selected for the Fant’s Grove WMA where they started hunting on a 9,000-acre tract owned by Clemson University in Anderson County.

The organization event had them draw for where they would hunt and they got a pop-up blind that overlooked an open field surrounded with oak and persimmon trees.

It wasn’t long before some does came walking by and she had an opportunity to shoot but passed hoping for a buck later. A little while later they spotted a buck but unfortunately, it was too far away to get a clean shot.


She Finally Sees The Trophy Buck

It was getting dark so they decided to pack up their gear and Jenna asked her dad to turn off his flashlight. He did and they spotted a massive buck less than 100 yards away.

“When I first saw him, he was standing broadside. But before I could get my gun up, he turned and started walking straight away from us,” Jenna said.

Worried the trophy buck was about to get away she asked her dad what she should do. He replied that she should shoot him in the butt so she took aim and shot it with a fatal blow. It walked 15 yards and fell over dead.


“A lot of hunters will say that’s not a fatal or even an ethical shot. And I would agree if we were hunting from an elevated stand,” said her dad Matt Miller, “but from our vantage point in a ground blind, it is a very fatal shot and he went down hard.”

They both jumped out from their deer stand and ran over to make sure they got it. Once Jenna realized it was dead she freaked out with excitement.

They brought it back to the hunting station and the event organizer Richard Morton was amazed at the eight pointer. Another hunter there recognized the deer and showed her pictures he took of that same evasive buck earlier in the season.

The buck from earlier in the season. / photo credit: carolinasportsman

They measured the antlers and it came out to 136 7/8 inches, but later on, they found out they missed a few measurements showing it really scored over 140 inches. They plan to mount the buck but not sure where exactly yet.

No video was recorded of Jenna’s hunt, however, enjoy this YouTube video below showing a kid’s priceless reaction to shooting a massive buck.